The Gardens of Provincetown

Walking through Provincetown is one of my favorite things to do in late spring and early sumnmer. At the tip of Cape Cod’s “bared and bended arm” (Thoreau), this historic fishing village and art community is home to some of New England’s loveliest homes and gardens.Provincetown garden

Commerical Street runs the length of the village, and fronting this narrow thoroughfare in the residential East End is where you find many of the most picturesque scenes.Provincetown garden

Combined with peek-a-boo views of Provincetown Harbor, this walk gives you a chance to peer into people’s front yards, which at this time of year are often ablaze with color.Provincetown garden

Some of the homes are elaborate, with manicured lawns, whereas others are emblematic of the term “beach shack” in its finest sense.Provincetown garden

As you near town center, the private homes morph into shops, restaurants, and art galleries—giving you other reasons to explore this ever-changing part of Cape Cod.Provincetown garden


One thought on “The Gardens of Provincetown

  1. Lovely! I love the way you framed your shots through the fences. What camera are you using?

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