Test of Graphics File Formats

I’ve decided to test various file formats for graphics to see how they upload to my site. This will help my students create their own sites and populate them with content.

We know the JPEG file format works great–here’s an example, taken in Martinsburg, VA:


How about other formats? Here’s an example of a resume for Sherlock Holmes, created in Adobe InDesign and saved as a PNG.

In the PNG dialog box, make sure Quality is set to “Maximum” and Resolution is set to “300 ppi.” Also make sure the “Anti-alias” box is checked:


Here’s a simple monogram logo I made in Adobe Illustrator and exported as a PNG (File > Export > Export As). Make sure the “Use Artboards” box is checked in the Export dialog window, otherwise you may get extra white space. Use High (300ppi) Resolution in the PNG Options dialog window:


Do PDF’s work? You can upload a PDF file, but WordPress simply creates a link to the file for users to download, so the file contents do not display on your page:


What about video? To upload a video file, you need a premium version of WordPress. But you can embed a URL from Vimeo or YouTube and your video will show up on your WordPress page. Here’s a link to a video I made that’s on Vimeo:

And here’s a link to a video I made that’s on YouTube:


Purpose of this Site

Hi there!

I’ve started this site on WordPress to test its features for setting up a blog and an online portfolio. As an instructor in the School of Journalism and Mass Communications at the University of South Carolina, I want to be able to help my students create a web presence. So I am going back to school, as it were, to learn everything I can about web design and content management. Wish me luck!